Monday, 7 March 2016

Week 5 - The End Is Here!!

We have finally come to the end of our interactive documentary making! Our final product is exporting and now all we have left to do is present!

Our interface image is a bedroom, which within it has various objects which you can interact with. 

The phone links to our Girls Out Loud helpline which displays various questions which the user can click on and a radio interview will play. The safari button on the phone links to a quiz surrounding our topic of popularity to ensure there are features within the documentary where users can participate. 

The laptop links to our various social media platforms and our blog so that users can familiarise themselves with our production process, interact with surveys, learn more about the charities and view various facts and images surrounding the theme.

The television holds our two main interviews with The Shine Project and Step4ward. There is information about each organisations, introductions to the founders and professional opinions and advice.

The make up bag offers facts about each topics while also having videos portraying teenage girls experiences and opinions so users can relate to the project while also learning about other peoples histories. 

With our project submitted, all we have left to do it prepare for our presentation tomorrow to make sure we show off our work to the best of our ability.

Overall we are very happy with our project and the final product is much better than we even envisioned it being. The long hours and mild hysteria have been worth it!

Friday, 4 March 2016

Week 4 - Our Social Media

We want to create the most interactive, up to date documentary as we possible can. In order to allow users to be able to connect with the subject we want to give them as many different outlets to follow us on as possible. This way they can begin interacting with the documentary before it has even been released, this will raise the profile of our work and gain some following.We have created a facebook and a twitter in order to connect with our audience.

Our twitter is @prettypressures. We have been using it to post our blog links whilst also posting facts, update photos, links to our Facebook page and retweeting relevant links. We have created the hashtag #prettylittlepressures so that it is easier to follow our story.

Our Facebook page Pretty Little Pressures does much the same as our twitter but also has interactive aspects such as quizzes and surveys. It allows us to post much more in depth information and long pieces of text.

Take our quiz to see if you suffer from FOMO! Wee'll publish lots of different ways to overcome this in our documentary!
Posted by Pretty Little Pressures on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

This is a really insightful and interesting article that explores the psychology behind a teenage girls' emotions. Definitely worth a read!
Posted by Pretty Little Pressures on Monday, 29 February 2016

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Thursday, 3 March 2016

March 1st

After a busy day, things are finally seeming to come together a bit! Interviews have been filmed and edited, our...

Posted by Pretty Little Pressures on Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Who can help? Place2Be

In order to put ourselves in the shoes of the girls we are trying to represent, we are speaking to two different help services. these organisations are specifically tailored to help young people including teenage girls through the pressures of life

We will be speaking to Place2Be who are a national charity providing emotional support for children in schools. Their mission is to enhance the wellbeing and prospects of children and their families by providing therapeutic support in schools, using a proven model backed up by research and training. They want to help build a world where 'children have the opportunity to grow up with prospects rather than problems', using perseverance, integrity, compassion and creativity.

During the 2013-2014 academic year, Place2Be supported 3692 children and young people through over 55,500 one-to one counselling sessions. 29,894 children and young people came to their break-time 'Place2Talk' sessions

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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Who can help? Girls Out Loud

In order to put ourselves in the shoes of the girls we are trying to represent, we are speaking to two different help services. these organisations are specifically tailored to help young people including teenage girls through the pressures of life.

Girls Out Loud is a big sister programme that offers teenage girls trusted guide to help them through the challenges of growing up and empower them to channel they potential and make better life choices.
They are a UK based enterprise set up in 2009 who's mission is to raise the aspirations of young girls between the ages of 13-18. They facilitate intervention programmes in schools and have launched a nationwide mentoring programme called BIG SISTER which involves recruiting and training role models from a diverse background to mentor teenage girls for 12 months. They aim to embed a more empowering mindset in girls to reconnect them to education, help them achieve exam success, broaden their aspirations, encourage them to find an individual voice, take risks, make better life decisions, improve their self image and become role models for future generations.


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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Who can help? The Shine Project

We're looking forward to talking to Anne Clarkson from the Shine Project on Friday. The Shine Project aims to provide support, friendship and encouragement to young teenage girls using a variety of different approaches.

Check out their website for more information: